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Walter White, Organic - Hybrid ($196/oz)

Walter White (O) - Hybrid


$ 7.00 / g



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Walter White/ Hybrid

Walter White is a potent Sativa-dominant Hybrid. created attempt to improve on the high resin production of The White by crossing it with an unspecified sativa. What results is a tasty bud with buzzy, heady effects. The aroma and taste are citrusy and creamy on the exhale.

This bud’s stimulation tends to be more grounded and calm than that of many other Sativas, allowing users to carry on lucid conversations and move about their daily agendas as usual.

- 1.75 g (Sample size) = $12.25
- 1/8th = $24.50
- 1/4 = $49
- 1/2 = $98
- 1 oz = $196

*Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Focused, Uplifted, Euphoric.
*Medical: ADD/ADHD, Stress, Depression, Pain, Lack of Appetite.
*Flavour: Nutty, Spicy/Herbal, Chestnut.

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